You might have a pre-order for either the EF or MFT version of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, but you don't have to wait a second longer. Both cameras are in stock right now at B&H for $3,000 including DaVinci Resolve, and at least the EF version is available through Amazon. Supplies are still more limited than the company would like, but if you're behind on the pre-order list, and your camera isn't shipping anytime soon, you can skip all that and get your hands on one right now.

Here is what B&H is showing for both the EF and MFT models:


The EF model has been available to order for some time, but the MFT mount version has only recently appeared 'In Stock.' I know that some resellers are shipping the MFT to customers, so if you've got one on order, it may be arriving very soon. Grant Petty, CEO of Blackmagic, said recently that the volume is still much lower than they would like, but they are working hard to improve the numbers. That situation could change in the coming weeks or months, but it seems like the amount of cameras they can ship is entirely dependent on the company making the sensors (which is where all of the trouble began in the first place).

It will be interesting to see if there are any issues with shipping on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera or the 4K Camera, but we've been told by the company a few times that everything is currently on track for cameras to ship in July. It's also worth mentioning that the sensors for the new cameras are not coming from the same company as the previous generation, so the prospects of volume shipping are looking a lot more likely -- as they haven't hit any snags up to this point.


Disclosure: Blackmagic is a No Film School advertiser.