Tommy Edison Blind Film CriticHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be blind? Many of us couldn't fathom life without the use of our eyes, and as filmmakers, visual information is everything. Or is it? The self-described 'Blind Film Critic' Tommy Edison has an excellent catalog of videos from his YouTube channels that really have me thinking. Here Tommy answers questions about color, dreaming, attractiveness, and he even reviews movies! Hit the jump to get a glimpse into Tommy's life.

Describing colors to blind people:

How blind people dream:

What do blind people find attractive?:

If he could gain sight through medical science, would he want to?:

And of course, the 'Blind Film Critic' and his take on Fight Club:

Tommy's outlook is pretty great, and the fact that he can follow and absorb movies so well makes him a really interesting audience for a filmmaker. For Tommy's sake, don't skimp on sound!

Now, really take a second to think about it: What if you couldn't see? Well, it doesn't stop Tommy from enjoying life and even enjoying movies. Join the discussion in the comments below.