free-music-for-your-film-from-moby-at-mobygratis-com-nofilmschool-2For independent filmmakers making non-profit films and student filmmakers working on projects, budgets can be non-existent and favors are called in left and right just to get the projects "in the can." Inevitably, these filmmakers find themselves cutting their projects and realize they need to add music to their films, but they have nothing left in their tiny budgets. For those lucky few who happen to be amazing musicians themselves or who know really talented composers looking to showcase their work, this is not a problem. For the rest of these student and non-profit filmmakers, they now have a free, professional music resource: Moby. Yes, that Moby.

Check out the video below to hear Moby describe his free music service for independent, non-profit and student filmmakers called

Hopefully, for the non-profit and student filmmakers in the NFS community, you've already established relationships with composers to support your projects. If you haven't, or you just can't find the right piece of music to go with your project, offers over 150 tracks, including music from his last two albums, that can be used in non-commercial projects.

Are you editing a non-commercial project right now and need some music fast? According to Moby and his website, will turn around music requests in a 24-hour period. As long as your project is non-commercial, basically says "yes" when asked for permission for songs listed in its catalog.

Films made for commercial purposes will still have to acquire and pay for the rights to Moby's music the traditional way, so don't expect to fill the film you hope to sell into distribution with a free wall-to-wall Moby soundtrack. That ain't happening.

If you have specific questions for, you can head over to the website's support forum to ask your question or see if someone else has made the same inquiry.

So, students and non-profit filmmakers, will you be using Moby's music in your next project? Do you have experience working with on past projects? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments.

Link: Free Music -- Mobygratis

[via Indiewire]