We might have to wait until sometime in the fall to get our hands on a new Mac Pro, but some benchmarks have reportedly leaked showing some of the performance of the new system. While CPU improvements will likely be minimal, GPU performance should increase dramatically from previous Mac Pros, especially with programs that can take advantage of the additional processing power to offload some tasks from the CPU. Check out the initial benchmarks below.

These Geekbench specs and results were recently uploaded, and they seem to suggest hardware that is currently not available to the public adding validity to this rumor (courtesy of MacRumors):


Mac Pro Geekbench 2013

It should be noted that these are not really utilizing the GPU, so the improvements in a test like this will be minimal. It's also pretty early on in the optimization process, so just because Apple has already announced the computer, does not mean there isn't still a long way to go before they can squeeze every bit of performance out of it -- especially since it's also running on the newest version of OS X, Mavericks, which also won't be released until the fall.

It isn't completely confirmed that these are from the new machine, so it's probably good to take this with a grain of salt.

Either way, what do you guys think?

Link: Mac Pro Benchmarks -- Geekbench

[via MacRumors]