Phantom Flex commercialOkay, Sony probably took the needed precaution to keep the Phantom Flex paint-free, but this high-speed camera lives up to its name by demonstrating how a filmmaker can take a 3 second shot of paint cans exploding and turn it into a minute and a half long kaleidoscopic opus. For a behind the scenes look to find out how they did it, check out the video after the jump.

We've covered the Phantom Flex thoroughly here at NFS, so for a full rundown on the details, you can find them here. The advertisement was created for the BRAVIA W9 LED TV from Sony with Triluminous display. The filmmaking team shot it at 900 fps, and they report that they took "all day to set up the shot for just a couple of seconds of filming." Such is life in slow motion filmmaking, right?

Check out the behind the scenes video below to see just how much work went into filming a three-second commercial.

You can also see the final product below.

When I first saw this ad I was mesmerized by the dreamlike way the camera took me through these exploding colors -- to be quite honest, I forgot I was watching a commercial for a TV. It's exciting to see even more of what the Phantom Flex can do -- especially when it's hooked up to a jib like that.

What do you think of the Sony ad? Have you ever used the Phantom Flex? If you haven't, what would be your dream project if you had one at your complete disposal?

[via Filmmaker IQ]