When You're Steven Spielberg, This is How People Celebrate Your Birthday

Citizen SteveEver had the pressure of needing to get a really sweet birthday present for a friend? What if that friend was Steven Spielberg? What do you get a guy who is one of the biggest directors in Hollywood? For his 40th birthday in 1987, John Candy and Dan Aykroyd -- with appearances by Robert Zemeckis, Frank Marshall, George Lucas, Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, and many more -- teamed up for a clever homage to Citizen Kane chronicling Spielberg's life and career, and his "Amblin Empire." The title? Citizen Steve. Check it out below.

Thanks to FILMdetail and Cinephilia and Beyond for this one:

Clearly this took a lot of time and effort, and it's obvious how much people care about the guy. As FILMdetail mentions, it's amazing that things like this can find their way online, but it's great when they do!

What film-related projects have you undertaken just for special occasions?

Link: Citizen Steve -- FILMdetail

[via Cinephilia and Beyond]

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Whoa, Steve was definitely NOT a Gerber baby... (Max sure was though)

June 19, 2013 at 4:47PM, Edited September 4, 8:21AM


Great inside joke by Zemeckis and Gale: "We'll leave the title to Sid, he's good with titles." Sid Sheinberg had suggested "Spaceman from Pluto" as the title for "Back to the Future" to all of the makers horror. :D

June 20, 2013 at 6:06AM, Edited September 4, 8:21AM

You voted '-1'.

That's great! I didn't catch that.

June 20, 2013 at 9:54AM, Edited September 4, 8:21AM

Joe Marine
Camera Department

I'm a part of a film group call Movie Camera Militia based out of Southern Illinois University. I immediately thought of a similar gag video we did after our red carpet premiere this spring. It's mostly inside jokes but was a nice surprise to the audience and a sweet send off to our graduating seniors.
Making this video was so challenging and fun. We had to get actors from each of our films all together at the last minute. They were there to parody their characters. Having to create a video with 5 different directors and keep it all a secret was a unique challenge but It was super fun and entirely worth it.


June 20, 2013 at 12:10PM, Edited September 4, 8:21AM


Making a video is a great gift !
When my family spent Christmas for the first time without my sister, we dug up what used to be her favorite stuffed monkey and made this no-budget video :
On another note, when my friend Jérôme got married, I shot a fake news report about how he was a star for the people of Madagascar. (It's in French)
The video was a hit at the wedding.

June 24, 2013 at 11:42PM, Edited September 4, 8:21AM