Citizen SteveEver had the pressure of needing to get a really sweet birthday present for a friend? What if that friend was Steven Spielberg? What do you get a guy who is one of the biggest directors in Hollywood? For his 40th birthday in 1987, John Candy and Dan Aykroyd -- with appearances by Robert Zemeckis, Frank Marshall, George Lucas, Robin Williams, Michael Jackson, and many more -- teamed up for a clever homage to Citizen Kane chronicling Spielberg's life and career, and his "Amblin Empire." The title? Citizen Steve. Check it out below.

Thanks to FILMdetail and Cinephilia and Beyond for this one:

Clearly this took a lot of time and effort, and it's obvious how much people care about the guy. As FILMdetail mentions, it's amazing that things like this can find their way online, but it's great when they do!

What film-related projects have you undertaken just for special occasions?

Link: Citizen Steve -- FILMdetail

[via Cinephilia and Beyond]