slamdance screenwriting competitionIf you are sitting in a coffee shop right now reading this article on your laptop instead of finishing your screenplay, order another bottomless coffee 'cause it's time to crack to whip! The Slamdance 2013 Screenwriting and Teleplay Competition final deadlines are rapidly approaching on June 25th. And if the joy of the experience of writing a screenplay and submitting it into a competition isn't reason enough to get you going, perhaps the biggest prizes in Slamdance's history will get your fingers working. Check out the details after the jump.

Earlier this year, Slamdance Film Festival announced they would be partnering with JuntoBox Films for their 2013 writing competition. The Grand Prize is $10,000 cash and a MINIMUM of $50,000 in production financing for the winning script, making it the biggest take-away prize in their history. Holy Mole Richardson, Batman! These are the eligible categories as described by Slamdance:

Feature: Narrative scripts 70-150 pages in length. All narrative genres are welcome.

Short: Narrative scripts up to 20 pages in length intended for short film production.

Horror: Narrative scripts 70-150 pages in length. Scripts including blood shed or the imminent threat of blood shed/death within the story.

Original Teleplay/Webisode: Half hour or one hour formats up to 80 pages accepted. No specs.

There seem to be plenty more awards on top of that Grand Prize, from $3,000 cash for category winners to inclusion in Slamdance to membership Writers Guild of America’s Independent Writers Caucus. And if the cash prizes weren't enough reason to submit, here is Forest Whitaker telling you about the coolness of the presenter JuntoBox Films.

If Forest is for it, so am I! (Say that three times fast.)

There are more rules, and a WAB extended deadline for all you procrastinators, so get all the competition details from Slamdance. If you need some inspiration, try V Renée's jaunt on screenplay formatting over time. Writers, good luck.

Links: Slamdance 2013 Screenwriting and Teleplay Competition presented by JuntoBox Films