DEFY G2 Gimbal from Relentless Pre-OrderThe DEFY G2 Gimbal from Relentless is a 3-axis brushless gimbal camera stabilizer that has been in development since NAB 2013 and is capable of carrying cameras up to 2 pounds, like the Panasonic GH2, GH3, and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cinema, as well as any other mirrorless or small cameras like those from Sony and Canon. Check out an introduction video below from Drew Janes where he introduces the G2 and answers some questions you might have about the stabilizer:

Here are the detailed specs for the device:


Height: 200mm // Width:120mm // Depth: 120mm // Weight: 2 pounds


Yaw: 360 degrees continuous rotation // Pitch: +/- 45 degrees // Row: +/- 70 degrees


6 points adjustment using just three thumbscrews // Tool-free // Balancing can be achieved under 3 minutes


Charged with supplied Lithium-polymer charger via 110V wall outlet

Operational Time per Battery: 1 hours (2 batteries are supplied with kit)


3-Axis Controller Board

5 different operational modes on each axis (selectable using 2 buttons)

mini-USB connectivity

Joystick for manual controller on Yaw and Pitch (sold separately, coming soon)

Separate radio controller for second operator (sold separately, coming soon)

Built-in 5V power supply for Paralinx Wireless Video Systems

Check out some more recent examples of footage:

The first batch of stabilizers are going to ship at the end of July, and then the G5 will ship sometime in August, followed by the G10 later. The G5 is going to be for heavier DSLRs and cameras like the 2.5K Blackmagic Cinema Camera, and the G10 is designed to handle cameras like the RED SCARLET and EPIC.

It will be interesting to see how quickly balancing will actually be. I know the designers of the MōVI mentioned to me that it was taking about 30 minutes to balance correctly, but after it's balanced, it would stay that way for a long time. The same is likely true for any of these other gimbals, assuming you aren't adding or subtracting any gear while shooting and no weight is shifting on the rig.

People have already been messing around with putting these on Steadicam arms, but I'm sure you could also attach it an Easy Rig, which would allow you to operate much longer without getting tired. That's one of these issues with using handheld camera stabilizers for too long, and it can limit their usefulness if you're trying to get smooth shots for an entire shooting day. The operator is going to be exhausted!

Not all of the stabilizers coming out allow you to actually control the pan and tilt, something that is a bigger selling point of the MōVI. As Drew said above, it will work with a remote to do exactly that, but it will be a $200 add-on which is not included in the purchase of the gimbal. If you need to monitor wirelessly (for example if you're using the remote), it can be powered directly from the gimbal itself, keeping down on weight and wires. The DEFY G2 is currently selling for $2,300 which includes the gimbal, two LIPO batteries which power the gimbal for two hours each, a LIPO battery charging station, and a Pelican case. You can head on over to their store to pre-order one now.

Link: DEFY Gimbal Store