Do you have an incredible message you'd like  to share with the rest of the world, but aren't sure how to make that happen? Well TED, the set of conferences that focus on technology, entertainment, and design, is now taking applications to audition at TED@NYC, giving applicants a chance to speak at TED's 2014 programming in Vancouver, Canada. Since they're going to be celebrating their 30th anniversary, they're looking for speakers who have an idea worth spreading and know what it means to move into "the next chapter".

TEDTalks have seen some remarkable speakers up on stage: Sir Ken Robinson, Elizabeth Gilbert, and even Steve Jobs. Great filmmakers have also given great speeches: JJ Abrams, James Cameron, and Andrew Stanton. Have you immediately disqualified yourself because of these big names? Don't.

TED, as I said before, stands for technology, entertainment, and design, which means all sorts of people are encouraged to participate:  "inventors, teachers, artists, scientists, change agents, storytellers, big-picture thinkers, prodigies, performers, makers, technologists -- you name it." They're looking not for notoriety, but "ideas worth spreading," which can come from literally anywhere and from anybody.

So, if you're ready to go for it and apply, the application process is a bit of a -- I guess -- process. First, all you need to do is complete this form. In it, you will first be asked to answer some personal information, and then, near the end, asked to be recorded for a 1-minute video describing your great idea and why you are the best person to deliver it. Then, if you get chosen, that gets you a spot to speak at TED@NYC (think of it as an audition.) Finally. speakers who excel there, will be invited to speak at TED2014.

Here are the details from the TED blog:

TED@NYC will be held in New York, but it’s not limited to local speakers -- though out-of-towners are responsible for their own travel and accommodations. (In extraordinary cases, TED may contribute to travel costs.) Each speaker at TED@NYC will get 6 minutes onstage to give a dazzling talk live. The top-rated speakers will be invited to join us at TED2014 in Vancouver to give a longer version of the talk live on the mainstage. Other speakers from TED@NYC may well see their 6-minute talk go live on the homepage of

The deadline to apply is Sunday, September 1, at 11:59pm EST. Finalists for the event will be contacted by Monday, Sept. 9. For more info, go to the TED blog post regarding the call for applications.

Do you have an idea worth spreading? Let us know if you're applying in the comments -- we'd love to support you!