Ted Hope Christine VachonIndependent film producers Ted Hope and Christine Vachon just want to share the knowledge and love by offering their filmmaking masterclass, American Independence Day in London, online with you for absolutely free. The seminar is broken up into 4 parts, each about an hour-long, in which Hope and Vachon touch on many diverse topics -- listing them would be a painstaking endeavor (that has already been done for you on each video, thankfully.) Hit the jump to find out about how to access the masterclass, as well as more info on what it's all about.

I have to admit this and be a little transparent -- I'm a big fan of Ted Hope and Christine Vachon. Hope has a great blog with some really compelling thoughts on the film industry. Vachon is known for taking chances on telling difficult stories, like Boys Don't Cry, I'm Not Thereand Happiness.

Their approach to the film industry and producing films is straight-forward, unapologetic, and risky -- qualities that are often hard to find. So, when I learned that the two teamed up to do a masterclass, I was all over it.

The online seminar is completely free, although, in order to access the videos, you have to be a member. Don't worry --signing up is also free and doesn't ask for a bunch of personal information. Once you gain access to the videos, the page offers a "What's in this section?" sidebar, which contains the many areas, ideas, and points that Hope and Vachon touch on, as well as timecodes for where they can be found in the video.

Ted Hope Christine Vachon_2

Here's a quick list of just a few things you can expect to be in the masterclass:

  • How to find an audience for your film
  • Online film platforms and the benefits from distributing online
  • Legal issues and how to get your project permitted
  • The change in the film business & how many films are made compared to distributed each year
  • Is it worth making B movies just for internet content and how the possibilities are endless now
  • How just a good story isn't enough & why it is important to focus on the business side of producing too
  • What investors want when they fund a film
  • The importance of a directors vision & why you should really know the core of the story then communicate it
  • The importance of not having an ego & being open to ideas
  • How developed should a script be before you get a producer involved & how do you get a producer to read it
  • Attaching the talent & how to land a big star
  • What all film-makers share and why we keep making films

Yes -- that's only a fraction of what Hope and Vachon talk about. After watching the first video, it's apparent that there is much to be learned from them. So, go here, sign up, and take the class -- learn how to make your film "inevitable."

If you watched the masterclass, what did you think? What was useful information to you? Let us know in the comments.

Link: American Independence Day in London Seminar website