David LynchDavid Lynch has done so much for cinema. He is not only the director with the best hair, but he's also the director that made surrealism more mainstream on the silver screen. Another one of Lynch's contributions has been to independent film, specifically.  In a 20-minute documentary entitled Room to Dream: David Lynch and the Independent Filmmaker, Lynch covers every phase of filmmaking, sharing his wisdom every step of the way: Why ideas are king, how digital is changing the industry, and why filmmakers should "enjoy the doing." Hit the jump to check out the film:

Lynch is known for his surrealistic cinematic worlds, like those in his short films, like (the terrifying) The Alphabet, features like Eraserheadand Mulholland Drive, and his TV show Twin Peaks

Convention has never been something he's liked to tap into, favoring, rather, a steady stream of ideas that are born, grow, and achieve completion on-screen.

You have ideas, and I always say ideas are the most important thing, and the idea tells you everything. The idea is like a seed. The tree is in the seed, but it doesn’t look like the tree. So, when you finally see the tree, you might make some changes, but when you get an idea you really do see the whole tree, but it’s in an abstract form.

Perhaps one of the greatest ideas, at least for indie filmmakers, was that one does not need millions of dollars or the latest equipment to make a good film. In David Lynch and the Independent Filmmaker, Lynch not only talks about that, but demonstrates it.

Check out this documentary, which is full of Lynch's great insight, advice, thoughts, and behind-the-scenes footage of one of his short films (shot on a little digital camera.)

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Link: David Lynch's Guide to Film-Making -- Dangerous Minds

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