Karen Schmeer Film Editing FellowshipFellow editors: do you feel like you sit alone in an editing bay all day long, drinking Mountain Dew, doing all the hard work, while everyone else is gallivanting around with actors at film festivals? Well, consider applying for the Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship and you could have a year-long mentorship from an ACE editor, not to mention passes to SXSW, $1000 cold hard cash to spend, and more! The deadline is in September, so get cracking on the requirements below.

The Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship is for emerging editors, so you'll need to have at least one, but not more than three feature films to your credit, and one of the should be a documentary. If that describes you, go to the online application and start filling in the necessaries: resume, filmography, letters of rec, essay questions, and work sample. Not bad, especially considering it's free to apply!

About the Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship:

The Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship is a year-long experience that encourages and champions the talent of an emerging documentary editor. The Fellowship creates opportunities to help cultivate an editor’s artistry and craft and expand his or her professional and creative community. Awarded annually, the Fellowship was created to honor the memory of gifted editor Karen Schmeer.

The annual fellowship, in honor of the late Karen Schmeer who was the talented editor of such titles as Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control and Sketches of Frank Gehry, has a new requirement this year that you upload a work sample to Vimeo with your application. Anyone can apply from anywhere, as long as you're around from March 2013-2014. The list of cool stuff included for fellows:

  • Mentorship with an ACE editor, tailored to the fellow’s interests
  • Ticket to ACE Edit Fest Los Angeles
  • Ticket to Manhattan Edit Workshop’s “Inside the Cutting Room: Sight, Sound & Story” event in NYC
  • Class at the Manhattan Edit Workshop, an Apple, Adobe & Avid Authorized Training Center
  • Film Badge with full film festival access to the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas
  • Chrome Pass with full festival access to the Independent Film Festival Boston
  • Travel expenses to two of the aforementioned events (airfare, 3 nights of hotel, per diems)
  • Summer Series Triple Membership for Rooftop Films, NYC, plus a $1000 equipment rental credit
  •  Season Pass to Stranger than Fiction at the IFC Center in NYC
  • $1000 cash award
  • $250 online gift certificate to Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon (Karen’s favorite)

A veritable list for any emerging editor. The deadline for this application is September 30, 2013. Good luck! Are you applying? Let us know in the comments.

Link: Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship