Guerrilla Film ChallengeFor those of you who wanted to participate in the 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Challenge, but looked at your calendars and realized that today was the day the competition ended, never fear. The GFC deadline has been extended due in part to the new offering of "flexible dates" in this years challenge, which forced the 3-man team over at GFC to push back its traditional May schedule to August. A whole week has been added to the GFC, so all of you once excited, now downtrodden filmmakers -- assemble your teams, grab your cameras, and get ready to shoot. More details after the jump:

The 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Challenge is run by just 3 guys: Clint, Steven, and Nick, all of whom have day jobs. Nick says in a recent GFC blog post:

This whole event from it’s inception 9 years ago has been a huge experiment and learning process for us. When we first started the event as a small regional event we had 9 films. We never dreamed that it would grow into the global event that it has become.

With an average of well over 1000 participants per year, I'd say holding the competition is just as taxing, if not more, as the 48-hour challenge itself, but the team responded to one request in particular that makes the filmmakers' experience a little less difficult, while adding more work for the GFC team: "flexible dates." With them came the need to push back the May schedule to August:

When we expanded the dates this year it required us to make edits to the format of the site and these edits in turn required us to push the event from it’s traditional May timing to August. We have come to find that while the flexible dates have been met with overwhelming positivity, the August dates have had an adverse effect. As everything got pushed back it meant our ability to spread the word also got delayed.

Not only was spreading the word delayed, but many filmmakers told GFC that the August schedule was no good, since many were preparing to go back to school in the Fall or had summer vacation conflicts.

In any case, the 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Challenge has extended their entry deadline a whole week, making the event last until August 25thso if you still want to take part, now's the time to do it.

For more info on the GFC, go to their website, and if you're wondering about how the extension affects the rest of the competition, check out this GFC blog post. And for those of you who still haven't entered, go here!