Apple released new versions of their cellular device today: the flagship iPhone 5S, and a lower-cost plastic phone they are calling the 5C (the C stands for color, as the device will have a few different colored backs). While most of the features for the 5S have been known for some time now, the camera has received a modest upgrade. The spec that video people will probably find most interesting is the fact that you'll be able to record 120fps in 720p, putting it squarely in GoPro territory. Check out the sample videos below to see the slow motion in action.

Here is everything new as far as shooting goes with the 5S:

Another 120fps sample:

At this point it's a little surprising that we can't shoot 24fps whenever we want, as that would be a really obvious feature to have for filmmakers who want to seamlessly add it to their film (or who want to shoot a whole film on the phone).

While the f/2.2 aperture, larger 1.5 micron pixels, and 33% improved low-light performance are positive advancements, the 120fps capability is probably the most impressive feature. Considering even GoPro HERO3s require some workarounds to manually control exposure, using a cell phone to shoot high frame rates isn't that far-fetched, especially since you will probably have the iPhone with you. Phones have never been great solutions for shooting anything more because of their shapes, but I could see it coming in handy in a pinch when you really want a certain effect -- like slow motion.

The new iPhone 5C (which has less features), will start at $100, and the iPhone 5S will start at $200 (both under contract, of course). The 5S and 5C should both be available by September 2oth.

What do you think of the camera on the new iPhone 5S? What about the slow motion features?

Link: Apple iPhone Store