DitoGear, the company founded by filmmakers with a penchant for timelapse filmmaking, that also brought you products like the OmniHead and LensDrive, has announced the release of their slider that boasts quite a bit of advantages. The BD Slider offers portability, versatility, and precision, and all at a reasonable price. With a special discount if preordered by September 30th, this is definitely a slider you should take a look at. The BD Slider promo video and more details after the break.

There are so many options to choose from when deciding on which slider is best for your project, and now the BD Slider can be added to the list. First of all, the unit is highly portable. Weighing in at just 7.7 lbs (10 lbs with lithium-ion battery,) it can be broken down to its individual parts and transported easily. DitoGear offers several options in terms of rod length and material: steel or carbon fiber rods, measuring 2 ft., 3.3 ft., and 5 ft. in length.

Ditogear_bd_slider_carbon_tracks_02Carbon Fiber Rods

Ditogear_bd_slider_end_blocksEnd Blocks

Ditogear_bd_sliderBD Slider

BD Slider is also versatile. It can be configured as 1-axis system or multiaxis system when you add the OmniHead or any 3rd party pan/tilt head. You can use it by pushing manually, as an unmotorized dolly, or control it with any one of DitoGear's motion controllers. They include a variety of interfaces and channels, and also cover a range of modes: general, live action shooting/focus and zoom control, and stop motion animation. So, the slider can essentially be tailored using these controllers to perform the tasks you want it to do.


In terms of precision, BD Sliders are fitted with digitally encoded servo motors and controllers that allow for multi-pass shots that  allow for "perfect motion repeatability and positioning precision below 0.1mm."

Check out the promo video below to catch a glimpse of what the BD Slider can do.

The price for DitoGear's BD Slider depends on how you customize your order. You're given your choice of track length and controller option, as well as different bundling options. Here's the pricing breakdown from DitoGear's BD Slider announcement:

  • BD Slider bundle w/ 0.6m steel track, BD Controller and accessories starting at ~ USD 750.00 (preorder ~ USD 650.00)
  • BD Slider bundle w/ 1.0m carbon fibre track, BD Controller and accessories starting at ~ USD 1000.00 (preorder ~ USD 850.00)
  • BD Slider bundle w/ 1.5m steel track, OmniController and accessories starting at ~ USD 1120.00 (preorder ~ USD 950.00)

Speaking of preorder, if you buy now until September 30th, you will get a 15% discount on your purchase. Shipping starts on October, 7th.

What do you think of the BD Slider? Does it look like you're getting your money's worth? Let us know below.