With the little bit of footage we've been able to see coming from the Digital Bolex, it's only natural that we not only want to see more of it, but also maybe a few tests of a wider range of conditions to get a better feeling of what the camera can do. Well, the team over at Digital Bolex has released new footage that tests how the camera performs in sunlight, as well as with skin tones. Though not on the long side, these two tests surely demonstrate the capabilities of the D16. Check out the videos after the jump.

Though the footage from the D16 has been slow to come in, the Digital Bolex team is hard at work fine-tuning and testing their camera. They mention this in their latest blog post:

We are heavily into the testing phase with the camera so we are trying to shoot in some extreme conditions. With the above test we were testing the camera in 107 degree weather! You can see it held up just fine and the footage looks great.

Using vintage C-mount lenses, the Digital Bolex team captured some very interesting and beautiful footage that, at the very least, adds another piece to the D16 puzzle. DB founder Joe Rubenstein made a list of the lenses they used in each shot, which you can check out, as well as the test footage, below:

  • Beach shots: Cosmicar 12.5mm / 1:1.9
  • Bird shot: Som Berthiot 17mm – 70mm zoom / 1:2.4
  • Trees: Angenieux 10mm Retrofocus / 1:1.8
  • Color Chart: Switar 26mm / 1:1.9

Rubinstein also mentions that they've shot some motion shots that they plan on posting next week. So, keep an eye out, as I'm sure most of us are curious to see how the Digital Bolex performs.

What are your thoughts on the latest footage from the Digital Bolex? Let us know in the comments below.

Link: Sunlight You Say? -- Digital Bolex

[via wolfcrow]