tvlogic lcd monitor viewfinderThe world of external shooting monitors is more diverse than ever. SmallHD's products alone comprise quite a range of options, sizes, and affordability. The trend seems set to continue, because TVLogic's new field LCD boasts one thing few others can -- true 1080 HD resolution. Announced just recently at IBC, the 5.5" monitor is set to accept all manner of SDI up to 3G and traditional HDMI, plus many of the display options shooters want and need. Read on for more details from TVLogic.

This news comes to us courtesy Cinema5D -- the following is from TVLogic's product details page (abridged with my emphasis):

The VFM-058W, the lightweight viewfinder monitor, offers an outstanding picture quality with 5.5” LCD, and Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. The VFM-058W has various features such as Max Brightness function, Temperature Adaptive Color, HDMI-to-SDI conversion output, 1:1 pixel mode, Luma(Y’) Zone Check function, DSLR Scale, Waveform, Vectorscope, Range Error, Focus Assist, Markers, Audio Level Meter with speaker and time code display.

tvlogic lcd monitor viewfinder

Aside from the aforementioned features, the VFM-058W will support pretty much any frame rate you could ever hope to throw at it through both SDI and HDMI. Full specs are available at TVLogic. Cinema5D has also shared this video:

As Andrew from TVLogic points out, the 5.5" size makes this a monitoring solution more ideal for DSLR shooters than larger chassis operators. This unit's size, color reproduction, and price -- the 058W will retail for around $1700 -- may make something like SmallHD's $1300 AC7 OLED monitor more desirable to some shooters.

That said, 1080p is pretty serious for any external monitor anywhere in this size range. 5.5" is also pretty damn portable, so if you're a micro-form factor kind of shooter, for whom every ounce or inch counts, this may be something to consider. (The unit's weight has yet to be determined).

The price may be pretty steep for some, but if a 1:1 pixel count and small size are top priorities among your monitoring needs, the VFW-058W seems to be in a class of its own at the moment. (I mean, there is the Sony DVF-L700 -- which is a 7-incher retailing for $4500 and compatible only with the F55 and F5.) The unit should be released before the end of the year. Check out the full spec sheet and features list at TVLogic.

Link: VFM-058W -- TVLogic

[via Cinema5D]