Back in April, Vision Research's Phantom Flex4K prototype previewed at NAB, boasting specs like 4K at up to 1000fps, uncompressed RAW recording, high dynamic range thanks to its Super 35 CMOS sensor size, and high-definition image quality through a wide range of frame rates. Now, with the Phantom's award-winning technology, the production version of the high-speed digital cinema camera has been unveiled at the IBC trade show in Amsterdam, and with it, some great videos demonstrating what it is capable of.

The Phantom Flex4K records standard frame rates to over 1,000fps at 4K and up to 2,000 fps at 2K, while still maintaining a high dynamic range and low noise. Here are some specs taken straight from Vision Research's website if you haven't seen them the first time around:

  • Full resolution 4096 x 2304
  • Up to 1,000 fps at 4096 x 2160
  • ISO Monochrome 2,000T; 800D; Color 250T; 200D
  • Phantom CineMag IV recording media (1TB & 2TB)
  • 32GB or 64GB of internal memory
  • Monitoring: Three main 3G HD-SDI outputs, which can be configured as independent 4:4:4 1080p signals or used together to supply a dual-link 4K output while maintaining a live HD signal
  • Viewfinder: A new, high-quality Phantom OLED HD Viewfinder is part of the system. Support for both component and HD-SDI-based viewfinders are included.
  • Optional Integrated battery mount supporting industry standard batteries
  • Lens mount: Interchangeable between PL and Nikon F/G standards – Canon EF coming soon
  • 2x 12V and 2x 24V accessory outputs
  • Both Mac and Windows based software for download and file conversion

Vision Research also has announced plans to introduce in-camera compression through a firmware update in early 2014. All camera parameters can be set from new on-camera control interface, with available shortcuts to save you time on set. You can find a complete list of specs as well as other useful information about the Phantom Flex4K on its website and data sheet.

Check out these videos taken with the Phantom Flex4K. The first one was shot at a racetrack with the Phantom Flex4K prototype (video courtesy of Gregory Wilson.)

We've shared this video on a previous post about the Phantom Flex4K prototype, but I figured it's worth taking another look at, since it gives some insight into the camera's low-light capabilities.

Vision Research will start shipping limited quantities of the Phantom Flex4K in October at $140,000 a pop. So, again, this will be solely a rental option for most.

What do you think of the Phantom Flex4K? What are your first impressions of its capabilities? Let us know in the comments.