Any time you mention the use of a smartphone on a serious professional filmmaking project, you're bound to get a few looks. However, this new tool from RØDE might be something that could really be helpful on whatever kind of shoot you're on. A couple of days ago, the Australian-based company announced their new multi-purpose mounting chassis/pistol grip, the RØDEGrip, designed for the iPhone 4 and 4s, which can be used and mounted in numerous ways to help users capture audio and video with their phones. Continue on for more information on the RØDEGrip.

Like I said before, the RØDEGrip is a multi-purpose mounting chassis that can be utilized it in a number of different ways. Using the shoe mount, users can mount their iPhones directly onto a camera, mount them to a boom stand by utilizing the incorporated 3/8” thread, and use the pistol grip to record handheld. The RØDEGrip also can be utilized as a desk stand. The three mounting points for the shoe mount allows users some flexibility when setting up their iPhones into different configurations.

Check out this demo video from RØDE to get a better understanding of how the RØDEGrip moves and operates:

Here's a video that demonstrates the real world application of the RØDEGrip. The filmmakers in the video use RØDE's iXY microphone designed specifically for iPhone recording.

Other than being versatile, one quality the RØDEGrip has that is especially attractive for filmmakers, is that it folds down to a compact size. Essentially, it's a mounting tool that fits inside your pocket, weighing a little over 2 oz (that's about 0.13 lbs,) which is helpful if you're out there running and gunning.

RØDE also offers their mounting tool as in a deluxe version, the RØDEGrip+, which comes with a set of high-quality iPhone camera lenses (a macro, 180°, fish-eye and 2X telephoto) that screw into place once inside the cradle.


As of right now, the RØDEGrip is only designed to accommodate the iPhone 4/4s, but RØDE is working on the 5/S/C versions. Pricing isn't available on RØDE's website, but the RØDEGrip and RØDEGrip+ are shipping now.

What do you think about the RØDEGrip? Without knowing the price, does it seem like a good mounting solution for those who want to use their iPhones to record? Let us know in the comments.