Video thumbnail for youtube video RED DRAGON 6K Goes Airborne in These Gorgeous Aerials - No Film SchoolWhile 6K from RED DRAGON is going to make for better-looking 4K footage because of resolution loss due to debayering, there will likely be times when it's overkill for the project you're shooting. Aerial footage is not one of those situations, however. Dynamic range and resolution are both important, as is the rig you're actually using, but the results from the following videos speak for themselves. Luke Neumann recently got the chance to test the GSS C520 Gimbal along with Doug Holgate and Nathan Garofalos, and they've posted some DRAGON samples for us to drool over.

And there are also some new shots mixed in here as well from :

Here's what Nate said on REDUser (Luke also mentioned he's trying to post some R3D files soon as well):

First off, the camera has more dynamic range than I can comprehend... Its hard to clip your highlights, and a pretty amazingly low noise level... For the first time, I am seeing more detail, clearer sharper images, than I am with my own eyes... 

GSS worked with me and my company, Horizon Cinema to integrate my carbon fiber Red Epic Dragon delivered on November 12, 2013. The moment I received the cam, the GSS engineering team integrated the Dragon within hours and had it ready to fly in less than two days. Angel City Air provided use of their Fujinon Premier 18-85 and Canon 30-300 for the aerials. Helicopter Resources provided use of their Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm lens as well. We flew one day in Grass Valley November 18th with Doug Holgate and Neumann Films. I saw a storm was coming through Lake Tahoe, my back yard, its very rare I get to work where I live, and thought it'd be fun to go fly around for a couple hours after the fresh snow later that week, and this is a teaser of what I came up with...

The shoot went amazingly well... I really tried to push the camera to the limits, shooting in very low light, into the sun, high contrast, etc... As you can see, it looks great!! 

If you guys want, I can get a 4k version of everything up here with Jarred's help ;-) 

Ask away on any questions you have about the cam and gimbal, Ill put some r3d's up here at some point as well for everyone to check out... 

All of these shots were with the Canon 30-300mm and Fujinon 18-85mm, so this setup is certainly at the upper end for a rental, but the images just amazing. While some have argued about image quality when it comes to shooting people, there really is no question that RED has produced some jaw-dropping aerials, where resolution is important for capturing the full detail of a scene. With more dynamic range, resolution, and sensitivity, there are going to be even more amazing aerial videos coming from setups like these.

To read more about the C520 5-axis gyro-stabilized platform, head on over to the site here. The whole setup can be rented from Horizon Cinema with Halcyon Visuals, which includes the RED DRAGON camera that can be rented separately.