Video thumbnail for youtube video Buck the Redneck Tech Shows You How to Install a GoPro Sensor Into a RED SCARLET - No Film School[Attention: this is not real.] There we go, with that out of the way, if you've got a RED SCARLET, but you'd like to put in a sensor that renders beautiful skin tones and can give you ultra slow motion, look no further than the GoPro. In the video below, Buck the Redneck Tech goes through the process of installing the GoPro inside the SCARLET, and you can follow along at home with your trusty RED and GoPro if you'd like.

Some background on this:

Learn how to change the RED Scarlet sensor with a GoPro Hero HD sensor with me, Buck The Redneck Tech woo!
NOTE: This is for entertainment purposes only folks. Woo!!!

Have you recently recieved the RED Scarlet camera but been unhappy having a non American made sensor inside it? Me too! Which I why I made this video tutorial showing yall how to replace that Japanese sensor with an American GoPro Sensor.

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While I'm not quite sure about previous GoPros, I do know that the current HERO3 has a Sony sensor (made in Japan). RED actually had their MX sensor fabricated in Israel, but it's unclear if they are still using that same fabricator for their new DRAGON sensor. So there you have it, both cameras are sort of made in the US, but their sensors are both made outside of the US.

Link: Buck The Redneck Tech -- YouTube