despicable me 2 the croods screenplays for your considerationAnimation is a special breed of film, including screenwriting for animated films. Most animated films are developed in-house, and if writers are hired from outside, they are typically hired to fill an open writing assignment for a story that the studio has already developed. Nevertheless, the screenplay for an animated film is extremely important as every visual and audio element of the story has to be created essentially from nothing. To give us a better understanding how screenplays for animated films translate to the screen, we have screenplays from two of the most successful animated films of 2013: Despicable Me 2 and The Croods.

As if you could avoid the minions even if you don't have kids, here's the trailer to Despicable Me 2:

A more surprising animated hit from this past spring, here's the trailer for The Croods:

Here are the links to the screenplays, thanks to Universal Pictures and Dreamworks Animation, respectively:

As always, please use these screenplays for your educational purposes only, and don’t wait to download them as we never know when they will go offline.

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