Auteurs of ChristmasMost of us know what a Chris Columbus and John Hughes holiday looks like: a crazy midwestern family, pizza-sized pancakes, and ill-fated road trips along a blizzard-worn highway. Both of these filmmakers managed to capture the spirit of the winter festivities, but in an entertaining little short, Fourgrounds Media asks the question, "What would the holidays look like through the eyes of some of cinema's greatest auteurs?" Continue on to check out their pretty spot on response.

Filmmakers like Martin Scorsese, Lars von Trier, and Sergei Eisenstein aren't particularly known for their holiday spirit when it comes to making movies, but Fourgrounds Media takes their sensibilities and aesthetic styles and applies them to your standard Christmas morning scene.

So, for instance, if Michael Moore were to make a documentary about Santa, he'd follow him around blasting him with questions. Or, if Baz Luhrmann were to direct a holiday picture, he probably wouldn't skimp on the confetti and dance numbers (not to mention loads of pizzazz). In fact, the video does a pretty decent job of capturing each of the featured auteurs trademarks and styles:

Scorsese's long monologues/tracking shots --

Lars von Trier's slow motion close ups --

and Wes Anderson's overhead shots (just to name a few).

If you're like me, you're probably thinking about so many auteurs that would be perfect to use in this video. Personally, I immediately thought of Jean-Luc Godard -- a scene with an over-the-shoulder shot of a young, hapless mall Santa looking at himself in the bathroom mirror as his girlfriend smokes, arms crossed, beside him.

But, take a look and see which directors Fourgrounds Media chose to spoof/pay homage to in The Auteurs of Christmas.

Thanks to Fourgrounds Media for the entertaining video!

Who would you have liked to have seen in the video? Which auteurs were spot on (and which weren't)? Let us know in the comments.

[via The Daily Dot]