Here at NFS, we have posted links to several award-contending screenplays for free, legal download for your consideration. We've even highlighted half a dozen 2014 Oscar-nominated screenplays that are available for you to download and read. Now that awards season is rapidly approaching the final big show, we expect a few more Oscar-nominated screenplays to appear online from the studios. As proof, you can now download and read the screenplay to American Hustle, thanks to Sony Pictures.

Here's the trailer for American Hustle, now playing in U.S. theatres:

If you haven't already seen it, American Hustle is a fictional story based on the real life story of the Abscam scandal in the late 1970s. The film borrows bits and pieces from actual events and real people to weave its tale of con artists, feds, politicians and the mafia. The film is also a great example of how to balance a story with several dynamic characters, each propelled on his or her own dramatic arc. Given the content of the story, the actors involved, and David O. Russell's track record with stand-out performances in his last two films (The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook), it's no surprise to see Oscar nominations in all four acting categories.

Thanks to Sony Pictures, here's a link to the screenplay:

In case you've missed them, here are the links to the other Oscar-nominated screenplays available for legal download:

Best Adapted Screenplay:

Best Original Screenplay:

As always, please use these screenplays for your educational purposes only, and don’t wait to download them as we never know when they will go offline.

What are your thoughts about fictionalizing real stories and actual people to create a film like American Hustle? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Link: Sony Pictures Awards