We've already seen some terrific aerials from RED's EPIC DRAGON camera, and a new aerial video of Los Angeles from Axiom Images -- not to be confused with the Apertus Axiom camera -- really shows off the strengths of the new sensor. With its small size, 6K resolution, excellent dynamic range, and better low-light performance than the MX sensor, it may just be the perfect camera to take up into the sky. Check out the video below:

This is what CJ Roy from Axiom Images had to say about the new sensor:

As far as the noise goes, with the MX I felt that 1280ISO was getting sketchy and 1600ISO was pushing it. With Dragon, I feel very comfortable with 2000ISO. The noise didn't scream at me like it normally does. I need to pull up some older aerials and compare the two side by side, but I won't have a chance until I'm back from NY.

The most impressive parts are the night shots. While LA is pretty well-lit at night, compared to what we used to get with film, these new digital sensors are simply stunning. CJ and the team shot on with 18-85mm Fuji Premiere in 5K (since that lens didn't cover the full 6K sensor all the way through). Here's a photo showing their setup in the PictorVision Eclipse rig:


For more on the Eclipse rig, here's a nifty product video:

Obviously these kinds of setups are not cheap rentals, but the results speak for themselves, and many of these kinds of clips are available from companies like Axiom to purchase. For more information on the rig and Axiom images, check out the links below.