Panasonic GH 4K Angle EngadgetThis month in Las Vegas at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, Panasonic gave us a taste of what will be its first 4K camera, the 4K GH (or GH4K as it has also been known). They didn't publicly reveal too much about the camera except for the body -- which looks very much like a GH3 with a brand new 4K sticker on it. We have learned, however, that the new camera from Panasonic could be announced as early as next week. Click through for more.

Here's what 4/3 Rumors had to say about the announcement:

According to two trusted sources Panasonic will launch the new 4K Micro Four Thirds camera on February 7. As you already know the camera will cot a bit less than $2,000 and can record at amazing 200Mps and has ALL-I intra mode.

It should be noted that this is technically a rumor, so details can change, but it has been given the highest rating by 4/3 Rumors. Even if it doesn't come exactly on that day, there is a very, very good chance it's going to be announced sometime next month. One of the initial rumors stated that the camera would have 4K recording up to 30fps, but we don't know what the recording rates will be below that. It would be interesting if they could squeeze a little more speed out of it than 60fps at 1080p based on the extra processing needed for 4K, but it could come down to whether the processor is capable.

Panasonic GH 4K Angle Engadget

It's unclear right now where this camera is going to fit into the GH line. It doesn't seem like it will be a replacement for the GH3 based on the price, as there are plenty of stills shooters who don't need to pay more for the extra video features. This may mean that Panasonic has two separate GH lines that are geared towards different markets, but it could also be Panasonic trying to get in on the 4K train as soon as possible, with the lines eventually merging in a more cost-effective way.

In terms of delivery date, Panasonic had huge delays on getting the GH3 to the States, and if memory serves correctly that was similar with the GH2 as well. This means that even though you could pre-order right after the announcement, it may be another few months until cameras are actually delivered -- but like anything else, that can always change.

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Link: (FT5) Official GH4K announcement on February 7 -- 4/3 Rumors