Her spoofSpike Jonze's Her has done some interesting things since it first poked its precocious head out from obscurity. It has challenged viewers' hearts and minds, pushed the boundaries of how we treat romance and science fiction in cinema, and taken huge risks to tell a story about a lonely man looking for love. Of course -- this is all ripe for parody. Since the weekend is coming to a close, let's all enjoy a couple of videos that poke fun at Her in the most hilarious way possible -- with Jonah Hill in high-waisted pants watching Michael Cera, as the Surrogate, dance for him.

I admit, I've been obsessed with this film since I first saw the trailer several months ago. I've studied it, shared a few posts, and read the screenplay more times than could be ever be considered helpful. And, although it has a few funny moments, the film is a serious, albeit fluffy and beautiful, drama that deals with issues larger than what the film's surface suggests. It's not just about loneliness, finding love, and overcoming your fears. The film asks questions about society -- how is technology affecting our relationships? How will love be different for not only us as we age, but for our children and their children? But, these parodies -- they're mostly about "Seth Rogen's" abrasive chuckle and Jonah Hill falling in love with himself.

Below is the spoof trailer, entitled Me, which has Hill playing the part of Theodore Twombly. It originally aired on SNL last night, and is definitely worth a watch! Check it out:

Here's another spoof from Paul Gale Comedy, that answers the question, "What if Her was actually Him?" The part of Twombly is played by Alison Vingiano, who also co-wrote the short, as well as a pretty convincing Seth Rogen impersonator named Frank Garcia Hejl.

What did you think of the parodies of Her? What are your favorite lampoonings (sure, that's a word), of famous or not so famous films? Let us know in the comments!

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