Video thumbnail for youtube video Can Huge Camera Cranes Be Affordable & Functional? Luke Neumann Says Yes - No Film SchoolGetting a large crane shot can be nearly impossible on a budget. Very often crane operators are not cheap, and the equipment is also expensive to rent. But what options do lower-budget folks have? Turns out there is some cheaper gear out there that should perform admirably and give you big-budget results. Luke Neumann of Neumann Films reviews one such piece of gear below, the Came-TV 33 ft. crane:

If you're doing lots of big, sweeping shots it may be worth it to look into a crane like this -- or something smaller that might be more manageable (this company makes plenty of smaller gear for cheaper). You can't replace what a trained person can do on day one, but with a bit of practice, Luke shows just how fantastic the results can be. Over $3,000 for one of these might seem like a lot to some, but the fact that it comes with so much makes this a bargain, and it could be one of those pieces of gear that ends up paying for itself by owning instead of renting.

You can see more of their products, including the one featured here, over on their website.