Countless filmmakers set their stories and tripods down in New York to make their movies, but when I think about the filmmakers whose work encapsulates the unique heart and spirit of the city, two come immediately to mind: Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese. The object of Robert Kolodny's affection, and the one for which he honors in a beautiful video tribute, is Queens-native Scorsese, whose entire career could be seen as a love relationship with the city played out on celluloid. In his three-minute video, Kolodny whisks us through New York, letting us peer through the eyes of the great director through his most celebrated work.

It's nearly impossible to watch a Scorsese film and not leave with extraordinary feelings about New York. The city has been the setting of the majority of his films, and, quite naturally, has become so integral to each plot that it has become just another character in the narratives, be it Mean Streets (though much of the movie was filmed in L.A.), Taxi Driveror Goodfellas.

Again, Robert Kolodny, an editor at production house House of Nod, put together the video entitled "Scorsese's New York". Fourteen of the director's films play over a beautiful classical soundtrack -- a dance between Scorsese and a city that has inspired him throughout his entire career. It's quite stunning.

What did you think about "Scorsese's New York"? In what ways has your hometown/favorite city played a role in your narratives? Let us know in the comments.

[via House of Nod & Indiewire]