At this point, it should be no secret that Christopher Doyle is one of my absolute favorite cinematographers (he might even be my spirit animal). I've talked about him on many occasions, sharing a fantastic cinematography masterclass, as well as tons of interviews, plus a few more interviews. Maybe it's his unique perspective on the filmmaking and artistic processes, or the fantastic way in which he moves the camera in relation to character blocking, or maybe it's just that amazing hair style. Whatever the reason, Doyle is an amazing cinematographer and a one-of-a-kind artist, and there is much that we can learn from his unique, eccentric way of being.

Now that I've declared my love, let's get down to business. Here's a fun little documentary about the world-renowned Hong Kong-based cinematographer, Christopher Doyle. It's about an hour in length, so get comfortable, grab a beer (in order to channel your inner-Doyle), and get prepared for some insight into the life and work of this unique filmmaker.

For me, the one of the biggest takeaways from this documentary is the importance that Doyle puts on locations. With many of the films that he has shot for Wong Kar Wai, the locations in which they shot played an enormous role in defining the look and feel of those films. Unlike many cinematographers, Doyle is less concerned with how the space will facilitate character blocking and lighting than he is about the minute textures and details that give a location a sense of both innate character and story. Ultimately, that's what sets Doyle's cinematography apart from many others. It's incredibly organic in a way, and completely grounded in a sense of the time, place, and culture from which it came.

A special shout out to Cinephilia and Beyond for uploading this doc to their YouTube channel. We may never have had the chance to see it otherwise.

What are your thoughts on Christopher Doyle, his artistic process, the films that he's shot, and so on? Let's hear your thoughts down in the comments!

Link: Cinephilia and Beyond -- YouTube