Every so often, in my aimless meandering through the interwebs, I come across something that warrants immediate sharing on this site. More often than not, it's news of an emerging piece of technology or a cinematographer talking about their craft. However, sometimes I come across something that has a far more profound effect. I found one such thing today in the form of a video that played at the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Awards for the Society of Camera Operators. It's a tribute to the past, present, and future of the motion picture camera, and it compresses and contextualizes the entirety of the history of motion pictures into the span of 4 minutes. I have a feeling that you will enjoy as much as I did.

Here's the video, which comes from Vimeo user Jery October, and was beautifully cut together by Bob Joyce:

There really isn't much that I can say about this video that it doesn't say better on its own. It makes it very clear that we, the filmmakers of tomorrow, are going to be writing the next chapter in the epic story that is the history of film. The exciting part of this is that the ever-evolving landscape of camera technology has legitimately democratized filmmaking to the point where even those of us who are completely broke are only limited by our imaginations. Exciting times to be sure, No Film Schoolers. Exciting times indeed.

Let's hear your thoughts about this video down in the comments!

Link: Jery October -- Vimeo