Digital Bolex values community input to a pretty rare degree, and as a result of that, NAB 2014 saw several major announcements for D16 shooters. First, DB announced the D16 Monochrome, followed shortly thereafter by the unveiling of a PL mount adapter for either model by Hot Rod Cameras. The D16 is also getting the royal rig treatment by both Zacuto and Wooden Camera. Last but not least, Digital Bolex is providing a firmware update featuring the most viewing modes the camera has seen so far as well as dead pixel correction. Check below for all the details in our interview with Joe and Elle of DB.

Here are some shots of the Zacuto and Wooden Camera rigs, respectively, for the D16:



And here is the PL Mount adapter by Hot Rod Cameras actually affixed to the D16:


The D16 Monochrome camera is available to order right now in their store for $4,000, and will be shipping in 8-12 weeks.

Link: Digital Bolex


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