Yesterday at NAB, Digital Bolex announced their new native B&W camera, the D16M, and today, they have another treat to reveal to fans of the vintage inspired D16 digital cinema camera. Digital Bolex has just announced that the D16 now has a PL mounting option, giving filmmakers more latitude to use professional quality PL lenses to capture the images that work for their projects.

Up until now, the default lens mount for Digital Bolex's D16 digital camera came with a  C mount. The aim was to really capture the design of the original Bolex 16mm film cameras, allowing filmmakers to use vintage 16mm and Super 16mm lenses, but the PL mount will take the D16 up a notch. The DB team has been working on a PL mount option for quite a while, and in their blog post, they explain where the decision to include a PL mount came from:

Since we began our project in 2011, cinematographers have been telling us that to them the difference between a hobbyist camera and a professional cinema camera is the ability to use PL lenses. We agree with this sentiment and made creating an interchangeable PL mount our first priority. We’re happy that our PL mount is finally completed and on display at the Switonix booth at this year’s convention.

Take a closer look at the PL mount, designed by Hot Rod Cameras.


DB PL Mount underside

The PL mount is shimmable. Hot Rod Cameras can install the mount and shim it for you if you ship your D16 to them (or bring it in if you're in L.A.). A little bit more information about the mount was available in a DB forum thread:

The D16 has back focus adjustment, but to protect the integrity of the camera Joe does not want that to be a user adjustment. [The] PL mount is being engineered for the D16 as a dedicated mount, not an adapter --

They go on sale next month for $995 exclusively through the Digital Bolex and Hot Rod Cameras' websites. If you're a Kickstarter backer, the DB team will be sending you more information prior to the release date if you're interested in one.

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