Convergent Desgin Odyssey 7Q-Apple-ProRes-MenuWhen Sony first announced the FS700, they somewhat cryptically stated that there would be a 4K upgrade path to this formerly 1080p-only camera. It wasn't long before we found out what that upgrade option was going to be, and it includes purchasing another module along with the Sony AXS-R5 recorder (the same one that can be used for 4K RAW on the F5 and F55). This rig, besides doubling the price of the camera, is quite a bit unwieldy. Fortunately, there are other options out there. Convergent Design recently announced an update to their much more affordable Odyssey 7Q that gives 4K RAW and ProRes to the FS700 (along with ProRes to any other camera).

Here is Andy Shipsides from AbelCine with a walkthrough of these new features:

Some samples showing just how much better quality is on the FS700 with the 4K RAW update:

And the new record options for the FS700 with the 7Q:

FS700 4K RAW recording up to 60p

“4K2HD” FS700 4K RAW to Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) 1920x1080 recording up to 30p. This feature supports either SLOG2 or IT709 (REC709) Picture Profiles. 1080p super-sampled from 4K RAW for a superior image.

New options for the C500:

  • QuadHD RAW (3840x2160) recording up to 60p
  • 2K & 1080p 12-bit RGB recording up to 30p in .DPX

The rest of the added features in the 1.1.105 update:

  • Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) 1920x1080 recording/playback up to 30p
  • Mix file types on SSDs (raided, non-raided, RAW, ProRes, etc.)
  • OLED Pixel Zoom frame drag (move window around frame)
  • Improved/Added reference marks to Waveform, Histogram and False Color tools
  • OLED automatic screen flip (defeatable)
  • Audio meters
  • Headphone volume control
  • Hide video function (blackout OLED)
  • 1.33 Frame Guide added
  • Overlays on/off for SDI & HDMI outputs

The image quality of the FS700 is clearly improved after the update, so if you're an FS700 owner and you don't already own a 7Q, it may not be a bad option to consider getting one. For under $3,000 including a few SSDs, it's almost like getting an entirely new camera, especially since you're adding both 4K RAW and ProRes, giving you lots of flexibility in post (though of course it was possible to get 2K RAW before this new update).

If you do own a 7Q, head on over to the Convergent Design website.