Camera stabilizers of all types and weight capacities are becoming more accessible for everyone, and this year the company that started it all are offering competitively priced solutions for independent filmmakers and GoPro enthusiasts. Click through to watch our interview Tiffen at Steadicam's 2014 NAB booth:

Steadicam Solo:

  • Height adjustable lightweight steadicam (10lbs max)
  • Extends to become a monopod
  • $499 base cost, $1,500 with arm and vest
  • Available at the end of April

Steadicam Curve:

  • Compatible with all GoPro cameras
  • Fine tuning adjustments at top and bottom
  • $99
  • Available now

Share your thoughts on these new Steadicam units in the comments below and catch up on all the latest tech news at our NAB master post.

Link: Steadicam Solo Press Release -- Tiffen


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