As the final D16 cameras ship to Kickstarter backers this week, the team over at Digital Bolex has announced that international shipping is now possible. They've also got a promotional video shot on, and for, the D16, which shows off some of the beautiful analog aesthetic that the team was going for when they first launched their crowdfunding campaign back in 2012. The promo has some of the best-looking footage I've seen out of the camera to date, and really shows off what's possible when it's put into use on a full production. The D16 was also featured in an episode of GLEE that just aired. Check out both videos below.

It was directed by Elle Schneider and shot by Sergio Arguello:

The Digital Bolex D16 cinema camera, originally funded on Kickstarter, puts truly cinematic quality within the price range of any independent filmmaker. Shot on the D16, this promotional spot was then projected at the Downtown Independent in Downtown Los Angeles and recaptured on the big screen to show the cast enjoying the footage they had shot the previous day on set.

Something that gives the D16 a unique look over many current cameras is the Super 16mm-sized CCD sensor inside, which processes images in a different way than the CMOS sensors inside pretty much every camera on the market, including DSLRs and higher-end cinema cameras. I've always been partial to the way CCD sensors produce images and the way they render motion, which is partly due to the global shutter that does not suffer from any image skew. It also doesn't hurt that you've got 12-bit RAW files to work with in post.

The camera was also used to shoot part of the GLEE episode "Old Dog, New Tricks" on FOX, and was shown in the episode:


Digital Bolex also has a number of new items available in the store, so check out the links below for more information.