Bentley AdYou would think that an ad for Bentley, which makes some of the most expensive and luxurious cars on the planet, would pull out all the stops to make their product look absolutely perfect by using a camera that mirrored the opulence of its subject. But instead, the ad was shot on an everyday smartphone -- an iPhone 5s to be exact, and the result was surprisingly gorgeous! Continue on to see what a beautiful 2014 Bentley Mulsanne looks like through the eye of a smartphone, as well as some behind the scenes footage that shows all of the added goodies these filmmakers used to make their images pop.

This ad, which is technically a short documentary, is called "Intelligent Details," and was commissioned by Bentley Motors to highlight the "fusion of luxury, performance and technology" of their new Bentley Mulsanne. Their approach to this meant having the ad "filmed, assembled and edited using the in-car connectivity and entertainment platform." Essentially, the filmmakers used an iPad Air to assemble all of the footage, and edited the entire thing in the backseat.

These filmmakers essentially turned a $300,000 luxury car into a production office, which I'm sure is the whole point of approaching the project this way -- to show that the Mulsanne is an extravagant tech-hub on wheels. AppleInsider got to speak with Bentley's Head of Communications Graeme Russell and was told that out of the factory, the Mulsanne includes a Wi-Fi hotspot, two electrically deployed picnic tables with iPad holders (with space for Apple's wireless keyboard) and high-end audio components.

Check out the ad below, and make sure you continue watching after it ends -- the behind the scenes portion starts at the 3:15 mark. Continue scrolling to find out what tools these filmmakers used to achieve the look of the video.

So, what exactly was used? According to AppleInsider, two iPhone 5s' were mounted onto $75 BeastGrip lens adaptors that allowed them to use threaded lenses, including the $38 Neewer 0.3X Baby Death 37mm Fisheye Lens, as well as a Schneider iPro lens, which you can buy in a kit for $230. Oh! I almost forgot -- they also used one of Freefly's $5,000 MōVI M5 gimbal stabilizers for all of those beautiful handheld shots. As far as software goes, the "fast and dirty" edits were made using iMovie, while the $5 FilMic Pro was used to offer more control over their cameras -- it's kind of like the Camera+ for video.

What did you think of the video? Now that a company like Bentley has utilized smartphone filmmaking to promote their luxury cars, do you think that it will become more acceptable professionally (given that you're got some bells and whistles like these filmmakers did)?

Link: Behind the scenes of Bentley's iPhone-filmed, iPad Air-edited ad -- AppleInsider

[via WOBentley]