Excited yet about the first new Alejandro Jodorowsky film in 23 years? Now is the time! Not only is a new film out from the king of psychadelia and grandmaster of the midnight movie, it's in theaters. And just for No Film School's viewing pleasure, the director behind such classics as El Topo and The Holy Mountain, sent two clips our way in which he explains the music and the town in his new film, The Dance of Reality, which shows on the big screen starting this Friday!

To the glee of filmmakers everywhere, 2014 has seen the rare surfacing of cinematographic fantasy auteur Alejandro Jodorowsky. During SXSW, North America got a first glimpse of The Dance of Reality, not to mention, Jodorowsky's outrageous charm. In this latest film, one of only seven he's made since 1968, Jodorowsky offers a visually astounding autobiography where "a young Jodorowsky is confronted by a collection of compelling characters that contributed to his burgeoning surreal consciousness." Take a look at the trailer, check out his interview clips, and see if it's showing near you.

Now that you've seen the trailer, here is Jodorowsky explaining a little about creating the music in the film. Improvised opera from a big-breasted mother character, you say? Very Jodorowskian! Check out this interesting strategy:

Here, a look at the bizarre town that motivated so much of the story of The Dance of Reality, in which Jodorowsky grew up, unhappily, as an exiled Russian Jew. Insightful for this film, and also imagery from Jodorowsky's whole body of work:

It's not often a cult director comes back with new material, so now is your chance to see the result in theaters. Here is a quick list of places the film will be playing at, with more if you check screenings on the official site.

  • May 23: New York, NY | Theater: Sunshine Theater (Landmark)
  • May 23: Los Angeles, CA | Theater: Nuart Theater (Landmark)
  • May 30: Boston, MA | Theater: Kendall
  • May 30: Chicago, IL | Theater: Music Box Theater
  • May 30: San Francisco, CA | Theater: Opera Plaza (Landmark)
  • May 30: Philadelphia, PA | Theater: Crest
  • May 30: Washington DC | E Street Theater
  • May 30: Berkeley, CA | Shattuck Theater
  • May 31: Savannah, GA | Theater: The Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah
  • June 6: Austin, TX | Alamo Lakeline
  • June 6: Houston TX | Alamo Vintage Park Houston
  • June 6: Miami, FL | Theater: Cinematheque
  • June 6: Minneapolis, MN | Theater: The Uptown (Landmark)
  • June 6: Denver, CO | Theater: Cheze Artiest (Landmark)
  • June 6: Atlanta, GA | Theater: Plaza Theater
  • June 6: Kansas City, MO | Alamo Main Street
  • June 13: New Orleans, LA| Theater: Zeitgeistinc Theater
  • June 13: Tucson, AZ | Theater: The Loft Cinema
  • June 13: Santa Fe | Center For Contempary Art
  • June 13: Nashville, TN | Belcourt Theater
  • June 20: Seattle, WA | Theater: The Grand Illusion
  • June 20: Austin,TX | Theater: The Alamo Draft House
  • June 20: San Diego, CA | Theater: Ken (Landmark)
  • July 18: Portland, OR | Theater: Hollywood Theater
  • June 20: Bloomington, IN | Theater: Indiana University Cinema
  • June 20: Champaign, IL | Then Art Theater
  • June 20: Seattle, WA | Grand Illusion Cinema
  • July 11: Providence, RI | The Cable Car

Anyone planning on getting a ticket? Report back your experience here!