The Black List NFL Company partnershipIf your passions for screenwriting and the NFL collide, this could be your big opportunity. The Black List has been announcing several partnerships with studios to find new, diverse talent among the screenwriting masses. Today, the screenplay discovery service unveiled a partnership with one of the largest entertainment companies in the world -- it just isn't a studio. Together, the Black List and the National Football League along with Charlie Ebersol and Mike Lanigan's The Company are looking for writers to write the next great NFL-themed screenplay. Find out how you can get on the short list of writers by July 25 below.

Now, you don't necessarily have to have written an NFL-themed screenplay, or even a sports-themed screenplay for that matter. At least, the submission rules don't stipulate this as a requirement. You simply have to opt into this new partnership when you submit your screenplay or opt in for an existing screenplay that is actively being hosted on The Black List. I would imagine, however, that The Black List will look for the best sports-themed screenplays in its database that have opted into this new partnership to cull the short list of ten writers by July 25, 2014. Of course, good storytelling is good storytelling, regardless of genre.

To be eligible, writers cannot have earned more than $500,000 in their screenwriting careers and must have a screenplay hosted on The Black List database for at least a week between now and July 25 (that means July 18 is the absolute last day to submit). If you want The Black List evaluation to be a part of your submission, the screenplay hosting service recommends that you submit your script at least a month before the July 25 deadline (i.e. June 25).

The ten writers selected by The Black List will have their submissions, along with a personal statement and professional resume, reviewed by The Company. Together, the NFL and The Company will choose two screenwriters who will each write an NFL-themed screenplay under a WGA minimum two-step deal.

Are you ready to be drafted to write the next NFL-themed screenplay? Be sure to check out the links below for all of the submission details and requirements.

What do you think about this partnership between The Black List and the NFL and The Company? Do you think other sports leagues and entertainment platforms will seek out emerging screenwriters via The Black List to extend their brands into films? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.