Panasonic GH4 Launch Event Hot Rod Cameras CroppedThe Panasonic GH4 has only just started hitting the streets, and while we've seen a mix of footage from all different kinds of shooters (including an interesting video that showed how this little $1,700 camera stood up against the $20,000 RED EPIC), there's a good chance most of you haven't actually seen the 4K from this camera on a cinema screen projected in 4K. That's exactly what Illya Friedman over at Hot Rod Cameras in Los Angeles, California is planning on doing this Wednesday, May 21st. It's not just a screening of footage, however, so click through to learn more.

Here is the description of the event, which is completely free to attend:

Come to Hot Rod Cameras and get your hands on a GH4, watch GH4 4K footage on the big screen on a Christie DCI 4K projector! 

Meet Panasonic's Matt Frazer and Luminaries, Giulio Sciorio and Dave Surber in person. Learn the secrets of 4K, and how to get the best looking images out of a GH4 camera.

Free Food, Drinks and Parking

1-night only, and only at the best camera shop ever, Hot Rod Cameras

Must be 21+

Panasonic GH4 Launch Event Hot Rod Cameras

While it would be great if you could see it everywhere around the country and abroad, at the moment this is a one-time-only event happening in Los Angeles, so if you're not 21 and older and not in the area, you're a bit out of luck unless you've got access to a 4K projector (though a large 4K TV wouldn't be a bad substitute).

Here is just a small sample of some of the great stuff that's been shot on the Panasonic GH4 so far:

From Joe Simon:

From Daniel Peters:

From emeric: