There isn't a movie in all of cinematic history that can truly be called perfect, but there are certainly some steps we as filmmakers can take to make the process of making one a little bit more so. In this TV spot for the fancy-ish non-domestic Stella Artois, renowned director Wim Wenders shares a bunch of advice on how to approach filmmaking -- if your goal is to make cinematic perfection, of course.

Wim Wenders is one of those filmmaker's filmmakers; an artist whose style of storytelling may not have made him a household name, but it surely has made him a legend in the filmmaking community (as well as to cinephiles everywhere). In fact, until I watched Wings of Desire, I had never been moved to tears by cinematography before, but I cried and cried -- the way I do (silently and surreptitiously, because I'm super tough).

So, any chance we have to hear Wenders speak, or read something he's written, we should probably jump at the chance -- even if that means watching an ad campaign for a Belgian pilsner in which he advises never to get involved with animals (at all) or your actors (romantically), to never tell a story that someone else could tell better, and many other ways to seek perfection in filmmaking. (The whole "perfection in filmmaking" thing is a playful spin on Stella Artois' "The Perfectionists" campaign -- just FYI.)

Check out the spot below:

What do you think of Wim Wender's advice? What piece of advice stuck out to you most? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Ben Boullier & Filmmaker IQ]