The Music bedIf you've ever made a movie before, you most likely understand how frustrating it can be finding the right music for your project that is not only affordable, but good. That's what makes The Music Bed so promising. It's a platform designed to be mutually beneficial for indie filmmakers and indie musicians, where the licenses are reasonably priced, the music is good, and navigating through it all is surprisingly uncomplicated. Now, The Music Bed is making finding the right song a whole lot easier by releasing their free mobile iOS app that makes their entire music library accessible right on your iPhone or iPad.

About four months ago, The Music Bed did a complete overhaul of their site to make searching for music easier and more intuitive. Their team went through their entire catalog, retagged the music, and gave their users the option to not only search for multiple tags, but for "characteristics". So, if you're looking for a post rock song (what young filmmaker isn't?) that is also "dark" and kind of "groovy", you can search for songs within TMB's database that contains all of those tags to see what comes up. (For more info on the changes made in TMB 5.0, check out our write-up on it here.)

This new search capability, as well as nearly everything else TMB has to offer, can be found on their new mobile app, including the pre-made playlists. The only thing you can't do within the app is license a song, though you can add songs to your wishlist, so you can make purchases once you're back on the main website. As far as compatibility goes, the app is designed for the iPhone (optimized for the iPhone 5), iPad, and iPod touch, and requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Check out these screenshots of what the app looks like (and I must say, it has one of the slickest log in pages I've seen in a while).




Be sure to head on over to The Music Bed's website to learn more about their services, and if you're already a member, download their brand new app from the iTunes Store. It's free!