When BitTorrent's file transfer app BitTorrent Sync hit the 1 million user mark earlier this year, we knew they would only continue to become a go-to way to transfer files. They are now at 10 million user installs and it's one of the only ways of bypassing "the cloud" when transferring files over the internet. With version 1.4, they've brought us new sharing features and a redesigned user interface, saying, "No cloud means faster transfer speeds and that no third parties ever have your data; your data belongs to you."

"Sync gives you full ownership over your data. With no third parties involved in storing or arbitrating your data, you know exactly where your files go. Privacy controls including Read-Only/Read & Write options, link expirations and approval settings, which all let you customize the level of access you want to provide."

As a user of the previous iteration of BitTorrent Sync, I'm really glad they decided to keep working on it and improve it. It was a little difficult to explain to people how to set it up if they weren't a little more tech savvy than normal. For those who liked the "secrets" (now called "keys") system of sharing folders found in versions 1.3 and earlier of BT Sync, the option is still available. So, what about transferring huge media files you ask? It works. It works incredibly well. BitTorrent says that cloud-based solutions slow the speed of transfer:


Remember, both nodes (devices) need to be on and connected to the internet to be syncing, so don't forget to leave your laptop open when you leave the house if you're transferring large files.


New in this Release

The main new feature is the introduction of easy linking -- enabling users to share files without signing up for an account. On top of that, the app has been totally redesigned and it makes it a lot more user-friendly. I haven't used it yet because at the time of writing this post it's not currently out, but it looks like a vast improvement on what was already a very usable and powerful tool.


Download it and try it out todayand let us know your experience with it.

Link: Introducing BitTorrent version 1.4 -- BitTorrent Blog