Magic Lantern RAW video has been out for over a year now, and the resulting footage is unquestionably a giant step up from the normal compressed H.264 files. While Canon representatives rarely say too much about the hack, I'm sure many of them are familiar with it by name if nothing else. At the very least, there has been a sort of symbiotic relationship between the two, with Canon being more or less hands-off about Magic Lantern and its use on their cameras. If it sells more cameras, I doubt they would complain, but they've never outright condoned its use, which is why its interesting that footage shot with the hack has appeared in a Canon ad.

We missed the conversation about the ad when it first came out, so thanks to planet5D for the heads-up. Here's the ad in question, followed by the footage it was taken from:

[Update]: Looks like that's not the only 5D3 RAW footage, as the skiing shot at 15 seconds also used the RAW hack (shot by Justin Majeczky):

First things first, if you blink you might very well miss it (right around 18 seconds). That's why this isn't a huge deal, but it's a little funny to see Canon products being advertised with footage that was shot with a hack the company doesn't officially support. The ad agency that produced this may not even know what Magic Lantern is (or at least whoever picked the clips), but if they do, the shot happens so fast that Canon may not have been aware during the approval process.

Either way, the footage in question is downright beautiful, though that's more of a testament to the skill of those who made it (director Kim Jong Seong of Pastel Glyph), than the camera it was shot on (the extra resolution and DR of the hack certainly doesn't hurt).


[via planet5D]