September 25, 2014

FILMMAKER PASS: The Festival Circuit, Distribution, & the Director's Approach

Jack Lewars on No Film School's FILMMAKER PASS Series
This week on FILMMAKER PASS we discuss the foibles and benefits of the festival circuit, thoughts on distribution, and different perspectives on the director's process.

We're interested in what working filmmakers have to say about the important topics we face today as image-creators, storytellers, and communicators. We appreciate all of the comments and feedback, so please keep it coming! Let me know what you think about this format, submit your suggestions for topics, and let us know — as filmmakers — what's most on your mind right now.

Where do film festivals fit in to the landscape of distribution now?

Tell us about your process as a director.

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A big thanks to the filmmakers involved:

Fernando Frias
T.J. Misny
Leah Meyerhoff
Jack Lewars

music by Coma Cinema
interviews by Micah Van Hove

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Each time it's more importan... Festivals are sometimes like a "guarantee" the exit, help to get you inside in this world with contacts and others stuff.

September 25, 2014 at 10:31AM

Ragüel Cremades
Film producer and director

Fascinating look at how each deal with directing, reminds me that I need to take more time planning the shoot before arriving on set, so that I will have more time with the actors. This is a problem I have and I really need to think it more through.
Interesting as always, thanks!

September 25, 2014 at 11:43AM

Gvickie Xiong

Insightful, but if you watch these filmmakers trailers. They all are for the most part telling the same indie love story film. Rezeta was the only one that stood out to me as even taking any risk with a story. If you compare the indie films from the beginning to now, its pretty sad. The "Following"by Nolan, or even "Slacker". The Unicorn film looks like a promo for Instagram. Three trailers had fireworks or sparklers in them guys, come on. I believe indie film doesn't really matter because the talent pool is very shallow at this moment in time. And stop casting actors and putting them in small living rooms, you are all guilty of this as well. I respect that they can finish a film, great, but you have to be better storytellers guys. Writers? Stop making films about your lives, they are not interesting enough. As Herzog just came out and said, " Go drive a cab, live with puerto rican family in a room for a year, do something with your lives that elevates your vision as storytellers. Thank you for sharing your experiences, but it would not be this hard of a struggle if your story is great. You all can obviously execute the process, but that should not be the end goal. There are not great narrative films at any budget sitting on closet shelves not being watched, never has, never will. Admit this, and grow from it and move on.

September 26, 2014 at 3:33PM