The film is called The Sand StormDirected by Jason Wishnow, the short is a self-proclaimed "lo-fi sci-fi" look at a nearby dystopian future in which society is facing rampant water shortages and where technology is as much of a hinderance as it is an asset. Take a look:

Although the story and the structure of the film are a bit of a mess, Wishnow, Doyle, and the production design/art direction team absolutely nailed it in terms of creating a viably dystopian sense of time and place. Of course, it's also easy to see some of Doyle's trademark cinematographic sensibilities. The lighting is sparse and contrasty, but incredibly beautiful. The camera movement lacks the freneticism of much of Doyle's other work, but it interacts with the characters in a way that is unique and compelling. And the compositions, with their symmetrical leanings and use of leading lines, are nothing short of masterful.

Even though the film is definitely not as strong as it could have been, it's nonetheless an intriguing glimpse into a strange world, and it could very well serve as a nice jumping off point for a more fully fleshed-out feature film.