Vizzywig 4K

Vizzywig 4K Video Encoding

The app is called Vizzywig 4K, and it will set you back a whopping $1000. Unlike other video recording apps, however, Vizzwig 4K actually shoots 24 high resolution photos per second at a data rate of 72MB/sec, then stitches them together in order to create stunning 4K video. The app also allows you to edit your footage, add transitions, titles, and music, then upload your finished piece to YouTube in full 4K resolution.

Here's a brief sample of what it can do.

The app's creator, Michael Zaletel, thinks Vizzywig 4K not only has a place in the hands and hearts of independent filmmakers and film students, but also photojournalists who need to shoot high quality videos and photos at the same time. While the app might have some potential for the latter group (photojournalists), I have a very hard time seeing this app take off in any capacity with people who create content for a living or even for fun, especially now that a few different quality 4K cameras can be had for $1700 or less. When you add in the fact that a single second of Vizzywig 4K video will eat up 72MB of precious disk space on your phone, it seems like a sure-fire way to fill up your internal storage in just minutes.

Currently the app is only available for iOS 7 -- and not the newly-released iOS 8 due to a difference in the way the new OS handles photo bursts - and it requires a 32GB or 64GB model of the iPhone 5s. Vizzywig 4K is now available in the app store.

Source: Vizzywig 4K