There are so many skills and qualities that will no doubt make you a better filmmaker -- even just being an all around nice person does wonders. But Caleb Pike lists five specific skills that he looks for in filmmakers he hires, ones that are not only technical, like staging gear, but ones that are interpersonal. 

Caleb talks about all five in the video below:

So, it's not all about knowing your way around gear. I think we all know at least one individual who is a magician with a camera but has the social graces of a spoiled 5-year-old mid-tantrum. (If you don't, it might be you.) Furthermore, you have to care enough about the job to learn all you can about it, including how your boss likes his/her ship run. All of it counts, and the more you work on these skills, the better your chances will be at landing jobs and having a happy set life.

To learn more, check out Caleb's original post here.

Source: DSLR Video Shooter