We've shared a number of Christopher Doyle videos over the last year or so, though I think this one from Cinefii's Bite Size Dailies gets more relevant every day, especially as other industries (namely video games if you've been following that news), struggle to deal with this issue. We've had some high profile female directors like Lexi Alexander talking about it, and we've certainly brought it up a number of times, but if you don't think the number of women working in film is an issue, take a look at the horribly depressing statistics in this post. And the stats are just as bad for people of color (and worst of all for women of color). 

While it may or may not be a sign of progress, for the second weekend in a row, an original adult drama/thriller, and not a comic book movie or sequel, has led the box office. Gone Girl may be directed by one of the more famous male directors, but its source material and script are both written by a woman, Gillian Flynn. 

We've gotten flak from some people for pushing this topic, but I've made my opinions on it pretty clear, and our editor V has done a tremendous job covering it. Like any problem, the only real solution is to do it. If we consciously hire more women (and people of color) in front of and behind the camera, there is no doubt the medium will have an even brighter future. There are some terrific organizations out there that offer grants for women filmmakers, like Chicken & Egg and Digital Bolex, and a million more I'm probably forgetting, so there are plenty of people trying to change the landscape for the better. If you haven't taken a look, I strongly encourage reading Lexi's post, as it addresses the topic better than any of us could.

Source: Cinefii YouTube Channel