Factory293 Short Film PosterCredit: Henry Whitehead

However, that's exactly what Roderick MacKay and his team accomplished with Factory293, a successfully crowdfunded short film that has a level of production value and visual effects mastery rarely seen in short films. From the script and production design to the cinematography and VFX, the Factory293 cast and crew absolutely nailed it. You can find the film in its entirety embedded below:

Roderick and his team also put together a series of impressive BTS videos and VFX breakdowns to accompany the film's online release.

Like most films, Factory293 isn't perfect, but it serves as an excellent example of just how powerful a collaborative medium narrative film can be. So many disparate creative departments, from the art direction team to the VFX artist, had to be firing on all cylinders in order to pull this concept off. Beyond the astounding synchronicity of the crew, Factory293 serves as an example what's possible when filmmakers dream big. Most people would be inclined to say that you'd have to be out of your mind to try making a period piece about a blizzard in 1940s Soviet Russia during an arid Australian summer. However, with an awesome team of collaborators and nice chunk of crowdfunding change, Roderick and his crew made it happen it grand style.

In a future post, we'll take a look at a few tutorials detailing the film's VFX process and the creation of its unique poster. If you have any questions about the process of making Factory293 come to life, leave them down in the comments for Roderick!

Source: Factory293